Hot air balloon lantern

Having only one child and a lot of time in my hands, Little M is obviously very spoilt. For her second birthday last November, I planned a hot air balloon themed party for her at a local indoor play centre. The party wasn’t flash and everything was organised by the venue but I really wanted to add a personal touch to the party so I decided to hand make hot air balloon party favours. I found this beautiful hot air balloon mobile idea by Craft Schmaft and aha! I was immediately inspired to make a hot air balloon lantern for each child at the party. The best part is that Craft Schmaft sells hot air balloon fabric panels and there are a lot of designs to choose from so I was able to make unique designs for each child. All the panels of the hot air balloon have been beautifully designed so I just have to cut them up, sew them together and decorate it. I must admit that being an amateur and having to sew for 16 kids (whilst working 4 days per week and being a procrastinator), this process did end up taking a lot longer than expected. Did I mention that I had to order extra fabric panels because I screwed up 4 balloons :(. Thankfully I am blessed with a good friend, Danielle who ended up bringing her sewing machine over to my place and spending her Sunday afternoon a week before the party to sew (rush!) and to get these favours ready with me. Many thanks Danielle!!! Here are some photos of the hot air balloon lanterns.



The wooden sticks are from Spotlight and I attached some gold mini hooks from Bunnings to hang the balloons. The mini baskets are from Pink Frosting and I filled it with a cloud shaped biscuit baked by Burnt Butter.

IMG-20131109-WA0018 IMG-20131109-WA0013 IMG-20131109-WA0012 IMG-20131109-WA0011

Both the kids and parents loved the lanterns and most importantly for me, my Little M loved it too! Now she puts her little dolls (specifically Peppa Pig and George) in the basket and takes them for a hot air balloon ride. Too cute!

Here’s a photo of her 3D hot air balloon cake, also made by Burnt Butter.

DSC_0007 copy


One thought on “Hot air balloon lantern

  1. Naw a mention so early in this journey babe! I was (still am) flattered to be given the opportunity to help being the new starter….so thank you too! x

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