Cloud House Robe

Little M had a surprise when she woke up this morning because I asked if she would like to jump on the bed. But when I told her that she has to wear this robe to be allowed to jump on the bed, she was a bit hesitant because it’s summer here in Melbourne at the moment and it was a hot morning. I know… I’m a bad mother. But the power of being allowed to jump on the bed outweighed the thought of having to wear the robe so Little M agreed (after lots of persuasions).

MADE developed a Cozy House Robe tutorial based on the Beach Robe pattern, which I love because it is so versatile. You can choose to add a hood, to have long/short sleeves, and to have full/partial tie. But I did my own adaptation and made it with some knit and fleece fabrics that I bought from my local Spotlight. I do have to apologise as I never seem to know or remember the name of the fabrics I buy from Spotlight but I will try to find out the next time I go there again. I ended up making it a reversible robe and I added some cloud appliques to match the fabric. The size range on this pattern is quite big so this is a loose fitting robe, which is fine with me as Little M will most probably grow into it by the time winter arrives. But over the past few cooler mornings, Little M was proud to be wearing her robe especially when I had mine on as well. Oh my mini me 🙂

Cloud House Robe | mini bow

Cloud House Robe | mini bow

I love making clothes that are reversible as it makes me feel like I’ve made 2 pieces of clothing at the same time! For my Cloud House Robe, I used a clouds design knit on one side and pink fleece on the other. I sewed some cloud appliques with white thread just to add a little extra personal touch to it. And for the tie, I used the pink fleece fabric and top stitched it with baby blue thread. The sleeves are cuffed, which is great as I will be able to change the length of the sleeve as she grows. Some things I would change for future reference are the length of the robe (Dana did suggest to make it longer for house robe) and I would lose the bias binding for a cleaner finish.

Cloud House Robe | mini bow

Cloud House Robe | mini bow

Cloud House Robe | mini bow

Cloud House Robe | mini bow


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