St Patrick’s Day Dress

Last Friday I received a note from childcare encouraging us to dress our kids in green for St Patrick’s Day. Great… Little M doesn’t have a green dress because to be honest, green isn’t my favourite colour but I didn’t want her to feel left out. So with very little time in my hands and a lack of green fabric, I hurried to my local Spotlight and decided that I wanted to make the dress in knit fabric instead of quilting cotton. I love how knit feels and I think it’s more comfortable on little kids, but the main reason is because I don’t have to iron knits! And if you’ve ever been to Spotlight, you will realise that there isn’t a lot of knits to choose from so I purchased some Spotted Green jersey that looks like clover petals (well, if you stand far enough, it might look like clover petals). And I know the green isn’t exactly the right green – but I told you, I don’t like green so this is the closest green I could do. I knew Little M would love a circle dress because it’s all about the spins and twirls at the moment so I did a search in my pattern folder and found the perfect dress – Tinny by StraightGrain. This was a pattern that I loved so much that I bought almost immediately after it was launched but didn’t make so I was a tad excited to be finally making a Tinny dress. I have to admit that the dress was quite easy to make but I hate having deadlines because it just makes me feel that I have to rush just in case if I don’t finish it on time so I didn’t sew it as carefully and perfectly as I usually would.

I sewed a size 2 for Little M and it does look a little big, width-wise, on her but I’m not too concerned with that because that means that she will get more wear out of it! She is a tad smaller than average anyway, so I should have known to adjust the sides – but like I mentioned, I was rushing (and not thinking) to finish the dress.

St Patrick's Day Dress | mini bow

I matched the green spotted fabric with some white knit I had in my stash and I added some white piping to separate the bodice and the skirt. Not knowing much (or anything) about interfacing, I used the interfacing I had in my stash before I realised that it was way too hard and I had trouble getting the neck facing to stay well in place even after I understitched it.

I left the bottom of the skirt unhemmed because I thought it looked alright but Jason said that it looked ‘messy and unfinished’ so I went back to the machine and hemmed it with my twin needles (not photographed because the dress is now covered in food stains from childcare).

St Patrick's Day Dress | mini bow

I used an invisible zipper as per An’s instructions but I didn’t attach it close enough to the edge, so it’s not quite invisible. I did go back and fixed it after that, but the fabric gathered towards the top and bottom making it look really messy – YUCK!

Did I mention how much I love those notched cuffs?!

St Patrick's Day Dress | mini bow

Nonetheless, I think she loves the dress – this is Little M doing a ‘spin and freeze’ for the photoshoot 🙂

St Patrick's Day Dress | mini bow


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